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    Lunch Specials

    • Churrasquito

      Lunch size portion of our signature Skirt Steak, accompanied with our fresh Chimichurri sauce & French Fries  $13.95
    • Bistec de Palomilla

      Grilled Sirloin Steak topped with caramelized onions & served with  French Fries  $12.95
    • Bistec Empanizado

      Thinly cut breaded sirloin tip steak with French Fries  $13.95
    • Ropa Vieja

      Traditional Cuban Beef stew accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Frijoles Negros  $14.95
    • Lechon Asado

      Slow roasted marinated suckling pig topped with our garlic and citrus Cubanu Mojo accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Frijoles Negros  $14.95
    • Pollo ala Plancha

      Grilled Chicken Breast topped with caramelized onions & finished with a Mojo glaze accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Frijoles Negros   $13.95
    • Enchilado de Camaron

      Wild Tiger shrimp sautéed in a spicy tomato, pepper and garlic sauce accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Tostones  $14.95
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    • Croqueta Montana

      The Classic Ham Croquette Sandwich piled high with fresh ham, tomato, Swiss cheese and shoestring potato sticks

    • Lechonera

      Pulled Pork smothered in a Mojo Glaze with sweet onions

    • Choripan

      Spanish Chorizo thinly sliced and grilled to a crispy texture paired with red onion and cheese

    • Pan con Bistec

      Thinly Pounded sirloin steak pan seared with Cuban spices, onions and potato fries

    • Cubanu Cubano

      Slowly roasted pork and ham layered with Swiss cheese, mustard, and topped with thinly sliced pickles on fresh Cubanu bread

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    • El Capitan

      Strips of our signature skirt steak sautéed with peppers & onions in our Chef's homemade tangy wasasa sauce over a bed of fresh baby spinach topped with crumbled blue cheese $15

    • Sesame Seared Tuna

      Fresh Seared Tuna, coated with sesame seeds over a bed of mesclun greens, red onions & ripe mango slices topped with a mandarin ginger dressing  $14

    • Crab & Avocado

      Fresh Jumbo lump crab with avocado, cherry tomatoes, red onion, fresh herbs over baby spinach topped with a honey Dijon-apple dressing  $14

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    • Chorizo Encebollado

      Spanish Chorizo sautéed with onions, hint of garlic, finished with Chardonnay $8

    • Tostones Rellenos

      Green plantain cups filled with Ropa Vieja $9

    • Tamale

      Savory pieces of pork cooked in a seasoned corn meal (available Fri. & Sat. only) $5

    • Fish Tacos

      Pan seared tilapia placed in baked wonton cups and topped with avocado, mango, onions and fresh lime juice  $9
    • Papas Rellena

      Mashed Potato Balls, stuffed with seasoned picadillo, cooked to a golden crust  $6
    • Bacalaitos

      Savory cod fritters served with our creamy Cubanu tartar sauce  $7
    • Alitas Habaneras

      Traditional chicken wings coated in our sweet and spicy Habanaero pepper glaze  $9
    • Croquettas

      Minced ham rolled into cooked bites of Latin flavor  $4
    • Empanadas

      Seasoned beef, Chicken or Spinach & Goat Cheese perfectly packaged in a crunchy puff pastry  $5
    • Mariquitas

      Basket of our freshly made Plantain chips accompanied with our signature mojo sauce  $5
    • Cha Cha Cha sampler

      Cubanu sampler platter  $16
    • Camaron al Ajillo

      Tender shrimp sizzling in olive oil with robust garlic flavor  $9
    • Picadita

      Chorizo, Chicharon and Potato marinated in a house mojo sauce and fried to a golden crisp  $16
    • Coconut Shrimp

      Crispy shrimp rolled in a coconut batter with a tamarindo dipping sauce  $8
    • Cubanitos

      Cuban sandwiches with ham, savory pork, Swiss cheese, mustard, and zesty pickles in a wonton wrap  $6
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    Beef Entrees

    • Little Victors

      Strips of our signature skirt steak sautéed with peppers & onions in our Chef's homemade tangy Wasasa sauce accompanied with Arroz Blanco & maduros $20

    • Ribeye

      12oz Ribeye grilled to perfection & topped with a homemade chipotle butter, accompanied with grilled sweet potatoes & side salad  $25
    • Churrasco El Gordo Victor

      Skirt steak grilled to your desired temperature with a fresh Chimichurri sauce accompanied with Congri & Side Salad  $25
    • Ropa Vieja

      All of the flavors of a Cuban kitchen are within this slow tenderly cooked shredded Flank Steak Stew accompanied with Congri & Tostones  $21
    • Bistec Empanizado

      Breaded Top Sirloin steak accompanied with Arroz Blanco, Tostones, & Frijoles Negros  $21
    • Bistec de Palomilla

      Grilled Sirloin Steak topped with Caramelized onions accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Frijoles Negros  $20
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    • Pinchos de Camaron

      Cajun shrimp skewers grilled to perfection, accompanied with sweet potato fries & avocado salad $21

    • Grilled Mahi Mahi

      Lightly seasoned grilled Mahi Mahi, accompanied with yellow rice & vegetables $18

    • Garlic Salmon

      Grilled Salmon finished in the oven topped with a savory garlic sauce, accompanied with yellow rice & Vegetables   $20
    • Paella El Malecon

      Classic Paella includes sautéed seafood, chicken, and Spanish chorizo, simmered in Lobster Broth and saffron rice accompanied with Tostones  $22
      *Can also be made as a vegetarian entrée
    • Mariscada

      Spanish shellfish stew with Shrimp, Clams, Mussels and Scallops in a zesty sofrito broth accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Tostones  $23
    • Enchilado de Camaron

      Wild Tiger shrimp sautéed in a spicy tomato, pepper and garlic sauce accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Tostones  $19
    • Pescado el Varadero

      Tilapia baked in a banana leaf along with herbs, potato and fresh plum tomato accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Yucca con Mojo  $18
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    Chicken Entrees

    • Pinchos de Pollo

      Chicken skewers seasoned with cumin & paprika grilled to perfection, accompanied with mango habanaero dipping sauce, sweet potato fries & avocado salad $19

    • Pollo ala Plancha

      Grilled Chicken Breast topped with caramelized onions and finished with a Mojo glaze accompanied with Congri & Tostones  $18
    • Pollo Picante

      Spicy grilled chicken marinated in a citrus Asian hot chili sauce accompanied with Arroz Blanco and Grilled avocado salad  $19
    • Pollo al Ajillo

      Boneless chicken breast grilled, finished in the oven with our signature garlic sauce accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Tostones  $18
    • El Babalu

      Roasted Chicken breast stuffed with chorizo, maduros, & goat cheese accompanied with Congri & Yucca con Mojo  $21
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    Pork Entrees

    • Chuletas Empanizado

      Breaded pork chops accompanied with yellow rice & spanish fries $21

    • Mofongo

      Moist green plantains smashed & seasoned with garlic & olive oil, topped with crispy morsels of pork & accompanied with a side salad  $21
    • Masitas de Puerco

      Tender fried morsels of pork, topped with our garlic and caramelized onion mojo accompanied with Congri & Yucca con Mojo  $18
    • Lechon Asado

      Slow roasted marinated suckling pig served with our garlic and citrus Cubanu Mojo accompanied with Arroz Blanco & Frijoles Negros  $19
    • Chuleta Mambo Kings

      Succulent grilled Pork Chops topped with our Cubanu Mojo glaze, accompanied with Congri & Tostones  $22
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    Signature Cocktails

    • Classic Mojito

      Our Signature Drink made to order with Don Q Cristal Rum, Fresh Mint, brown sugar, Fresh limes, muddled to perfection & topped with soda. Also can be made in a variety of flavors.

    • Sangria

      Our Homemade Sangria made with a perfect blend of liquors, juices fresh fruit & wine.  Available in red or white, by the glass or pitcher.

    • Havana

      Don Q Coconut Rum, Don Q Cristal Rum & Passion Fruit Puree

    • Veev Skinny Sparkling Superfruit

      Veev Acai Spirit, Simple syrup, fresh lemon juice & Champagne

    • Lemonsicle

      Voli Lyte Lemon vodka, club soda, splash of sprite & fresh lemon juice

    • Blushing Berry

      Voli Lyte Raspberry Cocoa vodka, Raspberry Liqueur & cranberry juice

    • Raspberry Cocoa Kiss

      Voli Lyte Raspberry Cocoa vodka, Bailey's & Chambord

    • Raspberry Margarita

      1800 Tequilla, Dekuyper Razzmatazz & Margarita mix

    • Lyte Blue

      Voli Lyte Lemon vodka, Tyku Asian Citrus, club soda & blue curacao

    • Veev Superfruit Margarita

      Veev Spirit, Don Julio Tequilla & fresh lime juice

    • Blue Hawaii Margarita

      Espolon Tequilla, Dekuyper Blue Curacao, Sour mix & pineapple juice

    • Veev Skinny Acai Cosmo

      Veev Acai Spirit, cranberry juice & lime

    • Acai Lemonade

      Veev Acai Spirit, fresh squeezed lemon, Agave Nectar & club soda

    • Morning After

      Or G Liqueuer & Champagne

    • G Spot in Rio

      Or G Liqueur, Cachaca, simple syrup & muddled lime

    • Cubanu Punch

      Midori, Don Q Coconut Rum, Banana liqueur, pineapple & orange juices

    • Coco Cubanu

      Don Q Coconut Rum, Coconut Water & pineapple juice

    • Tyku Lemonade

      Tyku Citrus Liqueuer, Voli Lyte lemon vodka, & a splash of sour mix topped with sprite

    • Effen Cubanu

      Effen Cucumber vodka, Dekuyper Watermelon Pucker & a splash of club soda

    • Pink Lemonade

      Voli Lyte Lemon vodka, Brown Sugar, sprite, & splash of cranberry juice

    • Pom Punch

      Three Olives Pomegranate vodka, Sangria Fruit, cranberry juice & splash of sprite

    • Grape Blush

      Three Olives Grape vodka, Blue Curacao, cranberry juice & a splash of sprite

    • Canteloupe Martini

      Grey Goose l'Orange vodka, Dekuyper Watermelon Pucker & orange juice